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Curriculum Statement

Without PSHE, who would you be?!


  • The intent for PSHE is to teach the students the skills needed to be able to develop in the wider community using skills and broadening their growth mind set. It is also to work on creating awareness’s around subjects such as the media, life skills, personal hygiene and safety (keeping everyone safe)


  • This will be implemented through showing the students relevant documentaries and discussing them in order to reflect on how they apply to their everyday life
  • Through engaging debates and introducing democracy

  • Consistent reminders of how to speak to adults and engage in conversations


  • The impact intended for the students, is for them to be able to gain an understanding of the wider community, their emotions and have an idea of how/why this would impact them, the people around them and even down to the people they meet in passing
  • Also for the students to understand what emotions and empathy is. To apply knowledge and understanding learnt through the different discussions had

To view our curriculum maps for PSHE, please click here.

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