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Curriculum Statement

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.


  • Students will gain an understanding and appreciation of what art is, and how skills in this subject can be applied to potential future studies and careers
  • Students will be exposed to a variety of different art media and become familiar with key techniques and language related to these
  • Students will be given practical, hands-on opportunities to create their own art in various formats, and be encouraged to independently experiment in these mediums
  • Students will have opportunities to obtain AQA Unit Award certificates each term, ranging from entry level to level 3 across years 7 and 8


  • We will offer schemes of work for years 7 and 8 that focus on different art mediums and techniques each term, in accordance with national curriculum
  • Schemes of work will include opportunities to obtain AQA Unit Award certificates every half term, relevant to the area of study, as these have been pre-selected and written in to long-term curriculum planning
  • Planned lessons and activities will include a balance of theory and practical tasks to maximise understanding and engagement


  • Students will leave BBAO with a good, broad understanding of art which they can build upon at BBAB where this subject continues, and the basis for much of the learning will be familiar
  • Most students will have obtained multiple AQA Unit Award certificates in this subject, helping them to recognise how their work in this subject, both theoretical and practical, can lead to real-world, recognised qualifications. This will stand them in good stead for those that pursue the subject at BBAB where they will work towards further art qualifications, which will increase their employability skills and give them a variety of adaptable skills within society


Term Year 7 Year 8
Autumn 1

Formal Visual

Elements Shapes

Mark Making and

Abstract Communication

Autumn 2

Formal Visual

Elements Lines

Perspective and

Dimensions of Space

Spring   1

Formal Visual Elements

Colour and Tones

Portraiture Applied Forms


Spring   2

Formal Visual

Elements Form

Colour Theory
Summer 1

Formal Visial 

Elements Pattern

Summer 2

Formal Visual

Elements Texture

Developing Ideas and

Evidencing Understanding

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