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London South East Academies Trust Curriculum Statement

Bromley Educational Trust (BET), as part of London South East Academies Trust (LSEAT), fully adheres to the aims and values of LSEAT.

BETs core purpose is to ensure all students are able to achieve and succeed in life. Our curriculum is therefore designed to allow our students to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens; regardless of their starting points.

Through our holistic curriculum approach, the academic, emotional, physical and social development of all students are seen as equal parts. We believe achievement and success is created by a rich and dynamic curriculum that creates curiosity, engagement, enjoyment and participation.

Our curriculum includes a comprehensive core offer in literacy and numeracy which enables our students to then access other curriculum areas. Also central to our curriculum is a wide range of opportunities to develop Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural awareness to help with the preparation for next phase of life and ultimately adult life and the world of work.

Other fundamental aspects of our curriculum are the therapeutic and pastoral characteristics which are key to enabling access to academic learning by students recognising that their own and others wellbeing are essential to success.

The key measures of our curriculum being a success are:

  • Destination data
  • Attainment and accreditation
  • Progress measures
  • Attendance
  • Stakeholder feedback

Bromley Beacon Academy - Orpington

All students arrive at Bromley Beacon Academy with an Education, Health and Care Plan. Students have often missed education before joining us and have comparatively low levels of prior attainment as well as low levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. The vision of every member of staff at BBAO is to prepare every child for LIFE (learning, independence, friendship, emotions) so that they develop the knowledge, skills, emotional and social maturity to make thoughtful decisions and become purposeful young adults.

We are able to deliver this by ensuring that the curriculum is not solely focused on individual lessons but is an entire planned learning experience, linked to our core values with a child centred approach to every aspect of a student’s life including therapeutic provision, SEMH needs, rewards/sanctions and learning.

Our aim is to provide a fully immersive themed learning experience working on half termly based activities that include all subjects, were possible, delivering quality first teaching and learning based on pedagogy. Each theme starts with a launch day and ends with a celebration of learning and outcomes with staff, students and parents. As part of the themed learning we also include technology as part of everyday learning, at least one academic trip as well as one outside speaker/event – were possible using local people/knowledge/resources. Maths is taught discreetly as it does not fit easily into a themed approached and students follow the Collins scheme of learning. Modern Foreign Languages is not included in the curriculum offer to enable a prioritisation on literacy and numeracy and provide space in the timetable for therapeutic and intervention input. However the school recognises the benefit of regular verbal inclusion of phrases from other languages e.g. greetings, responding to the register etc. so that students become familiar with early levels of communication in other languages.

We also use blended learning as part of our curriculum, using a platform called Showbie. The staff and students use the platform to submit, record and evaluate work in most subject areas. The platform shows evidence of individualised learning and progress.

We believe that as far as it is possible that we should make all of these areas individualised to the child and their needs, alongside giving real life opportunities to explore their learning. By focusing on a rounded development of academic and social and emotional wellbeing, we improve the student’s life chances and provide the necessary guidance and support to allow them to follow appropriate pathways into further education or employment so they become productive members of society with as many opportunities open to them as possible.

Please click here to view our curriculum overview 2021/22


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