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The students at Bromley Beacon Academy all arrive with a statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) also known as an Education Health Care Plan. Because the students have often missed education as a result of their behaviour or because of specific learning difficulties, they frequently arrive at Bromley Beacon Academy with comparatively low levels of prior attainment.

Aims of our Curriculum Programme

  • promote high standards in reading, writing and mathematics
  • allow students to develop a knowledge of themselves and their environment
  • enable students to acquire knowledge and skills in science
  • enable students to be confident in the use of ICT
  • promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • promote physical and mental development and an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • enable students to be aware of the importance of and participate in the arts
  • develop the personal and social skills of each child
  • provide equality of access and the opportunity for all students to make progress
  • prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of adult life.

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