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Therapeutic Support and Well-being

We recognise that people need support to thrive and reach their full potential. The therapy and wellbeing service offers a specialised support for students who may benefit from regular therapy sessions; drop-in sessions are open to all. The school prioritises social emotional and mental health within every aspect of school life - policies & environment, curriculum, special events & campaigns - to positively impact outcomes for students. We have a full time, on-site Dramatherapist (HCPC, BADTH, Dip. CBT/REBT) who manages the provision alongside input from a Music Therapist (HCPC, BAMT), Dramatherapist (HCPC, BADTH) and Speech and Language Therapist (SALT).

For Students

Therapeutic work is tailored according to needs, combining either a creative indirect approach or direct talking approach to supporting emotional and psychological wellbeing. The aim of therapy may include improving self-awareness, relationships, coping mechanisms, general wellbeing or making difficult events more bearable. These interventions may occur individually or in groups.

Awareness Events and Campaigns 2018-2019
Autumn Term 2018: Time to Change – decreasing stigma, learning and discussing Mental Health
Spring Term 2019: Time to Act – community, empathy and kindness
Summer Term 2019: Time to Move – transitions, change & physical activity for our wellbeing

For Parents & Carers:

The school offers confidential monthly sessions for parents and carers led by a therapist. The group provides a place to seek support and connect with others. Additionally, if parents would like to book time to see the school therapist on an individual basis, they can do so.
2018 -2019 Dates of the Parent & Carer Group:
Friday 28th September 2018 1:00-2:30 p.m.
Friday 19th October 2018 1:00 -2:30 p.m.
Friday 29th November 2018 1:00-2:30 p.m.
Friday 14th December 2018 1:00-2:30 p.m.
Friday 25th January 2019 1:00-2:30 p.m.
Friday 15th February 2019 1:00-2:30 p.m.
Friday 22nd March 2019 1:00-2:30 p.m.
Friday 26th April 2019 1:00-2:30 p.m.
Friday 24th May 2019 1:00-2:30 p.m.
Friday 28th June 2019 1:00 -2:30 p.m.
Location of the Parent Group:
Orpington Fire Station (E41) Community Room,
Avalon Road,
For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools Award:

Bromley Beacon Academy and Bromley Trust Academy are working towards excellence in mental health practice. We are looking to have this recognised and developed with a national award level. We are currently devising new policies and processes to improve and strengthen mental health of students, parents and staff. Achieving this award will be a whole Trust effort and will take into account student, parent, staff and governor voice.

For more information or to contribute, please click here.


World Mental Health Day
Wednesday 10th October 2018
Across the world, more children and young people than ever before are seeking help with their mental health. However, only 1 in 10 are able to find the support they need.
At Bromley Beacon Academy, we are proud to discuss mental and physical health. We also have therapists onsite to support our students. By wearing yellow on World Mental Health Day, we want to show young people that they’re not alone when it comes to their mental health.
Bromley Beacon Academy would like to help support this worthwhile cause. Students are invited to donate £1 and wear yellow (or make something yellow to wear) for the day; any contributions would be gratefully received and donated to the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust who will be providing a staff training on Mental Health. 
Students are invited to express themselves and we appreciate individuality, all they have to do to take part is wear yellow on October 10th - it couldn’t be simpler!



For more details please contact Larissa Sherman for details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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