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School Priorities 2019-20

Through the pursuit of excellence in all school areas, we need to demonstrate an uncompromising drive and commitment to the following priority points listed:

The Quality of Education

  • Adapt and embed the new, whole school, curriculum so that it is not solely focused on individual lessons but is an entire planned learning experience with a child-centered approach to every aspect of a student’s life

  • To improve the quality of teaching across all subject areas through training, planning and delivery that engages and drives the learning for students so that a greater % make good or outstanding progress both academically and with their SEMH needs

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Through curriculum, therapy and experiences students are able to use self-regulating strategies and able to accept responsibility for their actions and know the steps to restore relationships with peers

  • Students make a highly positive, tangible contribution to the life of the school and/or the wider community

Personal Development

  • Promote and develop the improvement of student’s self-worth so that they are both able to recognise their own successes whilst understanding that they are also able to work at areas for improvement over time

  • Develop the offer of a variety of experiences to develop student’s personal development whilst understanding how their own choices affect themselves and others around them both locally and globally

Leadership and Management

  • Promoting the consistent application of expectations and policy with all staff and students contributing to the development of the school

  • Rigorous safeguarding procedures are maintained in daily practice by all staff and students and embedded for new staff and students

  • Further embed leadership roles and responsibilities at all levels so that all staff contribute and are empowered to ensure the best outcomes

  • Further develop staff wellbeing so that all staff are able to manage their own wellbeing effectively



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