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Bromley Beacon Academy Vision and Academy Improvement Priorities 2018/19
Through the pursuit of excellence in all school areas, we need to demonstrate an uncompromising drive and commitment to the following priority points listed:
Effectiveness of leadership and management
  • Promoting the consistent application of expectations and policy with all staff and students contributing to the development of the school
  • Rigorous safeguarding procedures are maintained in daily practice by all staff and students and embedded for new staff and students
  • Further develop leadership roles and responsibilities across the school at all levels so that all staff feel empowered and use the staffing structure to ensure best outcomes  
  • Further develop, improve and promote the offer for/of staff wellbeing so that all staff are able to manage their own wellbeing effectively  
Personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • To improve the quality of teaching across all subject areas through planning and delivery that engages and drives the learning for individuals so a greater % of students make good or outstanding progress
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Promote and develop the improvement of student’s self-worth so that they are both able to recognise their own successes whilst understanding that they are also able to work at areas for improvement over time
  • Develop and promote restorative experiences so that students are able to identify how their behaviours affect others and how this can be improved in the future so that relationships can be repaired
  • Develop and promote a consistent use of language so behaviour management is supportive and enables student’s to learn how to self-regulate over time
  • Develop and promote SMSC so that it is embedded and threaded through all areas of school life.
Outcomes for students and other students
  • Improve staff understanding and ownership of both SEMH and academic data so that this is used to improve outcomes for learners
  • Improve students ability to reflect and self-assess on own academic and SEMH targets
  • Promote and develop staff and student dialogue to support academic and SEMH progress


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