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School Priorities 2022-23

Through the pursuit of excellence in all school areas, we need to demonstrate an uncompromising drive and commitment to the following priority points listed:


The Quality of Education


  • All groups of Learners have wider choices of subjects to study as well as meeting national curriculum expectations, that interests and enables them to develop the skills and knowledge for lifelong learning

  • To ensure that there is high academic and vocational ambition for all Learners, taking in to account their starting point and SEN needs which are in line with their EHCP targets

  • The curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced to enable learners to strengthen their knowledge and skills for future learning and employment



  • All adults are aware of how learners learn and confidently facilitate subject matter which promotes challenge and identifies misconceptions through an adaptive and responsive individualised approach

  • All learners’ strengths and next steps in their learning are clearly pinpointed and explained to them through a range of approaches such as marking and feedback, DIT, ‘I can’ targets and academic review meetings

  • Learners are always given opportunities to embed key concepts through shallow, deep and profound thinking, which are applied fluently through a range of pedagogical and metacognition approaches



  • To ensure that learners, including the most disadvantaged, make at least expected progress and continuously work towards age related targets in academic, EHCP and SEMH

  • Learners acquire knowledge and skills that enable them to progress on to their next phase of education, employment or training

  • Learners have high aspirations which is evident in the articulation of their knowledge and understanding and the work that they produce.


Behaviour and Attitudes

  • To encourage Learners to develop and maintain positive relationships through the implementation of; restorative strategies, role modelling and PSHE curriculum

  • To further embed current behaviour strategies and procedures that are applied consistently and fairly by all staff, to ensure that disruption is minimised and learning opportunities are maximised

  • To further embed a positive respectful culture through curriculum, therapy, core values, and self-regulation so that Learners are able to understand both positive and negative consequences of their actions, in order to promote a safe and supportive environment for Learners to reach their full potential

  • To further embed the clear behaviour, anti-bullying and positive handling policies to consistently encourage high expectations across the school


Personal Development

  • Promote and develop Learners SEMH needs in order to improve self-worth and understanding

  • To promote and develop ways that each Learner can explore individuality, character and interests

  • BBA core values embedded throughout the key stages

  • Preparing Learners for the wider world and life beyond school

  • Learners are supported to become responsible, respected and active members of the local and wider community


Leadership and Management

  • Promote a consistent application of high expectations through coaching to further enhance a culture in which Learners and staff excel, have exemplary relationships which contributes to the development of the school

  • Rigorous safeguarding procedures are maintained in daily practice by all staff and Learners and embedded for new staff and Learners.  Stakeholders feel safe within the culture where vigilance is actively promoted and the work with external partners is effective

  • Continue to promote the positive partnerships with all stakeholders and to raise the schools’ profile within the local and wider community

  • Further embed leadership roles and responsibilities at all levels so that all staff contribute and are empowered to ensure the best outcomes

  • Further develop staff wellbeing so that all staff are able to manage their own wellbeing


Sixth Form

  • Learners show good behaviour with consistently high levels of respect for others. They play a highly positive role in creating a school environment in which commonalities are identified and celebrated and differences are valued and nurtured

  • To ensure that work has consistently demanding goals and is planned and sequenced towards the skills required for future learning and destinations

  • Sixth Form consistently promotes personal development so learners have access to a wide set of experiences that show how to contribute actively to society

  • Through the use of highly effective careers EIAG, learners are able to move on to higher education, employment or further training

  • Ambition of high expectations and high-quality education

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