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October saw the launch of our new community system at BBAO

Communities at BBAO were launched in October 2019 with the vision of turning BBAO in a larger community. Prior to communities classes remained together with pupils not being able to share experiences with others from different classes. Our community structure sees 4 communities created, all named using our core values as a starting point. Each community is comprised of a maximum of 12 students supported by a minimum of 4 staff, these are a range of pupils from different classes so that each class is represented in a community.
Our communities spend Friday mornings together from arrival until 9:40 where they are given various tasks and PSHE sessions. Each community tries to secure as many bonus ticks which represent community points, with an overall leader revealed every Friday during our reward assembly. The overall leaders at the end of the term will be awarded a range of different exciting opportunities; such as community trips, in school workshops and individual awards.

BBAO as seen a great increase in students working together and becoming one larger community since the launch. 

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